April 10th Edition  Waterdeep : Moment

This is Waterdeep's most recent album, Moment.
They're giving you this album as a selfless act...
AND because they're in the middle of a
kickstarter campaign. You should help.
Here's how you do that:  

1. Click the kickstarter link: http://kck.st/1m8gFez  

2. Watch the video.  

3. Laugh.  

4. Give them money, and lots of it (follow this with
giddy feelings of anticipation toward
your "backer rewards").  

5. Come back here to noisetrade; download
Waterdeep's most recent album,
Moment, for free.  

6. Tell everyone you know to follow these
same instructions. If you do,
everyone will love you.

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April 3rd Edition  The Influencers: New Album Download

Known for their poppy beats, dreamy rock guitars,
storybook lyrics, and flowing melodies,
The Influencers have released a new album
on March 18th titled Valhalla.

"In the past, we've been giving our music
away for free however, this time,
we're going to do something slightly
different. The album will still be free to
everyone but due to a large number of fans saying
they would gladly donate to our cause, we will
offer the "free, but pay what you want"
option. That way, you can support us by simply
downloading our music for free or by
helping us pay for equipment, instruments,
and the production for our next endeavor.
Anyone who donates $5 or more will get an
autographed postcard thank-you card too,"
explained frontman Evan Yan.

The Influencers are offering Valhalla as a
free download. Anyone who is interested in
hearing the album can visit their website
on or after March 18th.  

The band will be launching new, custom
merchandise this spring, which will be based on
concepts from thier latest record.

Evan Yan and Steven Suarez are joined
by collaborators Jeremiah and Kayli Renee,
who are featured on vocals, and Danny Casale,
of YouTube's "DannysStudios", who collaborated
on writing and playing guitar on two songs.

Valhalla features ten new songs
and two bonus tracks, which are
re-recordings of previously released songs.

Of the forthcoming merchandise, Yan said, "Also,
we will me launching some awesome custom merch
shortly to coincide with the release and
those who may want to donate: handmade tees,
hand written lyrics to your favorite song,
and other cool autographed goodies." 
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March 27th Edition  Vandaveer - Free Download

VIDEOGRAPHY is a NoiseTrade-exclusive,
nine song sampler featuring selected tracks
from four different releases, each
with its own official video available
on YouTube.
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March 20th Edition  William Elliott Whitmore - Old Devils


March 17th Edition  Dan Coyle & Scott Mickelson - Tour

Rare. Refreshing. Unique. These are words
commonly used by critics and fans to describe
the performances Dan Coyle and Scott
Mickelson have been doing across the
country for  the past year.  In a recent
article, music critic Alan Federman wrote of
their show, "It's a fresh approach to live
music and hopefully a trend that can continue."

See Federman's full article here

Their Northwest tour also includes dates in
San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Eugene,
Salem, Redding, and Cottage Grove.

See a full list of dates, times, and venues

Mickelson will release his debut album
this summer and is producing Coyle's next
record, which will release later this year.

Both exceptional singer-songwriters are
featured in dozens of music publications, as
well as TV and radio stations across North
America and Europe, but choose to come
together to tour and make music.

Of their ongoing collaboration Mickelson said,
"We did the first tour together on a whim
because we were heading to the same market
at the same time. But it caught on very quickly
and as the offers keep coming in, we plan
to keep refining the show and have as
much fun as possible."

"I've never worked with another artist in any
capacity and live shows have always been my
bread and butter, so I'm surprised whenever
I realize that that's where I've found
myself collaborating. But it's been so much
fun and it makes me grow so much as
an artist every time we do something
together," added Coyle.

The tour partners have graciously put up a
free six song download here

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March 14th Edition  Korby Lenker - Free Download


KorbyLenker is a sneaky-good songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. The Nashville-based Idaho-native has spent the last two decades making music, going from playing covers in the coffee shops of Twin Falls during his teens to fronting the Seattle-area bluegrass outfit The Barbed Wire Cutters in the early aughts to his most recent incarnation: Music City artist of the folk-pop persuasion.


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March 13th Edition  Barbara Kiss - Pop Performer

Barbara was born in the cultural capital of
Hungary. She started travelling when she
was very young due to her parents’ work.
That's when her love for exploring countries
began and never stopped.

Singing and dancing were the most important
part throughout her life and she tried many
various genres by being a member of a successful
choir, a poem singing group and by the age of 18
she received an Entertainer Certificate from a
professional Music School lead by
Maria Bornemissza, a well-known Hungarian
jazz singer.

Read the full article

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March 12th Edition  Oscar Isaac - Hang Me, Oh Hang Me